Every weekday for the past 7 months I have adopted this schedule.

Full disclosure, I was already pretty physically fit but I wanted to balance my life. I wanted to face stresses at work with calmness without being perceived as aloof. I wanted to lead my team without being pushy. I wanted my weekends to be fun and my nights restful with 6-8 hours of continued sleep.

My Daily Plan

5:00 Wake up

Brush my teeth, large glass of water, bathroom use as needed

Quiet breathing exercises – using mostly “5MinRelax” iPhone app, but I mix it up.

A few last slow breaths with my 6 words to focus on for the day: Patience, specific, ambitious, etc

I review my goals for the next 3-6 months in different areas: work, family, fun, health, contributions, etc

I repeat 3-4 affirmations based on those goals

Gratitude Journal (I use Evernote, a note for each day, which includes the above goals and affirmations)

Protein bar and caffein (I am not a coffee drinker, but I have my personal preferred drink)

Reading, usually a business book. I recently read Delivering Happiness, which was great.

Exercise – Tue, Thu, Sat Run 6 miles

Mon, Wed, Fri – weight circuit training in my home – two 20 pound dumbbells and a yoga mat

7:00             Leave for work

—– Real life happens —–

8:00 pm      No more bright screens – No computer, iPhone or iPad

8:45 pm        Review Gratitude Journal from the am, floss, brush teeth and remaining bathroom ritual

9:00 pm        In bed reading with Kindle (Easier on my eyes then iPad). Only fiction or other pleasure reading.

9:30               Sleeping, at the latest.

A few other notes: I personally have a salad or sandwich for lunch and a large salad for dinner Monday through Friday. On the weekends I make reasonable choices but make exceptions if I am at a football game or out with friends, for example.

In choosing to to plan meaningful time for myself, I feel better.

What is more important than that?



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Dr. Vachon

Dr. Vachon