Dr. Vachon’s Selected Articles

Just the beginning: 6 applications for machine learning in radiology beyond image interpretation https://t.co/7cCEiTWc5B

‘Tempting, to draw firm causal conclusions from large amounts of data. A.I. researchers must remain disciplined’ https://t.co/GzQWHRztZZ

CheXNet: Radiologist-Level Pneumonia Detection on Chest X-Rays with Deep Learning https://t.co/HOLppmtDyJ

Arterys Completes Series B to accelerate product commercialization https://t.co/FQg2oXfb06

Google strikes deal with start-up to offer AI medical scanning to detect cancer via its cloud https://t.co/NB2iJSLUmC

Apple Is Going After The Health Care Industry, Starting With Personal Health Data https://t.co/L7LwD1S34C

Revolutionizing Radiology with Deep Learning at Partners Healthcare--and Many Others https://t.co/ySg12aZlKx

Can electronic triggers help prevent delays in patient care? https://t.co/DzgAJhSXKp

AI accurately tells children’s age from hand x-rays https://t.co/nhouc8g4Te

"Increasing mobile penetration, low digitization costs, and few policy barriers, African markets are poised to use A…https://t.co/tY9FUAZQyt

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