Dr. Vachon’s Selected Articles

Medaphor acquires Intelligent Ultrasound for up to £3.6 million https://t.co/O2xsZRyDib

Artificial Intelligence Will Redesign Healthcare - The Medical Futurist https://t.co/CutgWZKtQW

RLI Summit 2017: What radiology can learn from pathology about AI https://t.co/gAw9wJYO3y

Through these partnerships, experts say, deep-learning can become more accurate and ultimately help more clinicians. https://t.co/9cr2ujewFh

https://t.co/DSRDx8vu7Y https://t.co/OYA3Kw7BoD

https://t.co/chOm01YOE8 https://t.co/7He8JQtJmc

A healthcare startup has raised $30 million for its 'Sophia' AI https://t.co/ThK5NeI9bj

Artificial intelligence will be adopted, says NHS England https://t.co/3dWN4ycqZj

https://t.co/1UGnrKOIpL https://t.co/ItCaCvrsOo

Alphabet acquires Senosis, a stealthy health app from serial entrepreneur Shwetak Patel https://t.co/i6YoJxJxdi

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