Dr. Vachon’s Selected Articles

Capitalize on Apple’s consumer technology-know how and IBM’s expertise in enterprise technology. Apple IBM https://t.co/HUbdl1KUcS https://t.co/u1yXajLYgM

“Pull together fragmented networks, coordinate care, standardize protocols and practices and provide the ultimate safety net” https://t.co/MOtPolz3lg

1 answer: Blockchain systems to encourage patients to securely share information. https://t.co/SgFXsoCpZH

New Online Platform Connects Physicians with Health Tech Companies https://t.co/9EUB1oTmTm via @AmerMedicalAssn

Thanks @zeevie49 for your recent podcast. This site looks great! https://t.co/F4uk3tiBGa

AMA embraces new tech and changing medical education. https://t.co/T2GCDapaq1 https://t.co/O4mljfaJ1Y

‘While we shoot for the moon, let’s clean up the muck that’s bogging us down today.’ https://t.co/cbduFqT8Wl https://t.co/1uhHnZHbRd

Earliest impact before the radiologist sees images: noise reduction, QC and triage. https://t.co/N3GgoF9V9i

Embedded into all major PACS viewing platforms for an instant end-to-end AI strategy. https://t.co/Cscrvsbm0h

‘Right now there are about 7,000 models running on Google’s machine learning core’ https://t.co/RXENfvxq1A

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