Dr. Vachon’s Selected Articles

Backed by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt's venture capital firm and second FDA clearance. https://t.co/0rag3z6ZuV https://t.co/Qb1gAag1UX

Radiology Residents and Machine Learning - 6 quick tips and links https://t.co/REgjhKvecA

Starting with diabetes, eye and heart disease. https://t.co/hLeDlbAzJX https://t.co/149D8Esw3d

This month, Butterfly’s portable ultrasound device was first used in rural, resource-strapped hospitals in Kenya. https://t.co/H5HjKMe4Zp https://t.co/DscMTnu2m3

Using AI and deep-learning techniques to supply radiologists with clinical options and classifications as they write image-based reports.   https://t.co/GbMH7sfFRT https://t.co/jsE96bsG2p

TriHealth to augment radiologists' workflow by creating an architecture for the storage and management of image data. https://t.co/2NXOHiWOm4 https://t.co/Fa77WmnW4Q

#reworkDL @teamReWork curates fantastic AI Summits globally:
5/24-25 Boston: Deep Learning + Healthcare DL
6/6-7 Hong Kong: Machine Learning + Health Care ML
6/28-29 San Francisco: Industrial Automation + Robotics DL

https://t.co/CBEH2tiQrw Sign up now 20% off w/ code CATALAIZE

Integrate cognitive computing and #AI into your clinicians' workflows and get real-time data that could save lives. https://t.co/868AiwWA9i

Evaluating Detectron, Facebook's Object Detection Platform
https://t.co/NnLX1QgYPR #AI

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