Dr. Vachon’s Selected Articles

AI funding topped $1B in 2017 among digital health companies https://t.co/xZf30tDB2H

Effective and sustainable solution to help the entire family eat better and feel better #kurbo


7 Cs of #AI in #Healthcare https://t.co/cbMhNVdpNi

The more we react by trying to get rid of boredom, the less equipped we are to deal with it. https://t.co/pNJcMxR8Mu

Case studies: analyzing EMR data to detect early colorectal cancer and predicting readmissions at the point of care https://t.co/B5NyFk8PO8

"we can begin to do precision medicine where we're leveraging the similar patient populations to meet the evidence-based decision"


"4. Organizations need domain experts who can work with AI and AI specialists."

https://t.co/fmuld2CSxn https://t.co/iZBRxxOt2i

"Even if junior residents and nurses had that [AI] tool themselves, the hierarchy of hospital culture means they could hardly challenge their attending, lest they be fired."


5 Health IT Trends to Watch at HIMSS18 https://t.co/Kw8MWN5zOK

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