My offerings:

  1. Clinical Co-founder – Clear projects and deliverables for equity
  2.  Joint Venture – Clear solutions with timely deliverables for equity, performance compensation and/or milestone fees.
  3.  Consulting – Traditional, high value, fee-for-service with a 10 hour minimum per month.


You are a: You may need: This help:
New Company Your idea nurtured Clinical Cofounder
Young Company A New Product line Joint Venture
Mature Company UX or MD message crafted Consulting

Clinical Cofounder

Like the technical cofounder, the clinical cofounder wants to create a product or service and provide value.

Medical training however can be as much as a hindrance as it helps.

In medical school, and subsequent residency, we are drilled on careful attention to detail for each patient. Unless you are in a leadership role, public health or preventive medicine, you rarely think of treating a group of people.


How can I help?

Let’s discuss the best solution for you and your company.